Friday, August 6, 2010

New home = New Decorating

ll items are by Designs by Anita
So we recently moved back home to Kansas.  I love being home, but honestly, moving is hard.  Yes, the physical move is hard, but the emotional part of moving is even more difficult.  Leaving friends, routines, doctors, grocery stores & church family has left me feeling a bit depressed!
 One way I have coped, besides hanging with my favorite cousin, Laura, is decorating our new home. I love our new house.  Not a single strand of red carpet in the whole house! (our TX house had wall-to-wall red carpet!  YIKES!)  I am still deciding on paint colors for most of our rooms, but in the mean time, I have been taking my favorite photos and creating simple 5x5 layouts to post on our fridge.  This is a shot of my niece & nephew.  They are fabulous kids!  I might print at Scrapbooksplease as they have 5x5 magnets (but they are matte - yuck), or I might give Persnickety's a shot. 
In keeping with the decorating spirit, I am super excited to get this 20x30 family canvas in the mail from shutterfly:

Do  you have any quick and easy decorating ideas?  I could seriously use some links for inspiration!  TIA!
Happy Friday!


  1. So sorry to hear about the rough adjustment, Joey. I can't imagine trying to find a new church family, so I'll be thinking of you.

    Photo canvases pop off the wall when you pair them with the vinyl words and quotes. Uppercase Living is one place that has them, but you could even make your own with a diecut machine.

    Hang in there!

  2. Love the idea of printing the layouts small as magnets! What a fun way to decorate. And you guys are so gorgeous! The sunlight behind your heads, those darling smiles! Perfect. Moving is so hard! Glad you have someone to hang out with, and projects to keep busy. Alas, I have no decorating tips. I need a decorator!