Sunday, October 3, 2010

Family Farming

Yesterday we hung out with family for most of the day.  While some people would consider this torture, I love it!  I didn't get to grow up near family so I consider days like this to be a real treasure!  We watched Kyler play football:

We did a little shopping.  Then headed out to take supper to the field.  Most of my family are farmers, and I am proud of that.  I love to think that my family helps to feed the world.  They were done cutting corn and had moved on to the fields of milo.  What's milo, you ask?  Milo is a grain sorghum grown to feed livestock animals.  Some parts of the world use it for human consumption too.  It's harvested with a combine & stored in grain elevators.
Uncut Milo

Milo stalks after they are cut
My Uncle Rusty took 5 kids to the elevator in his semi.  He deserves an award for that!
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  1. Love your photos Joey! This reminded me of a great childhood memory I need to capture! I once drove a golf cart through my neighbor's field of milo with the neighbor kids. We got in trouble for driving and for destroying part of the field! It wasn't my idea, it really wasn't ;)