Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend!  I had a blast hanging out with an old friend from Nebraska.  We used to teach together in a rural country school.  We had 20 kids that ranged from 1st-8th grade.  The school was surrounded by corn fields and the kids were fabulous!  What a challenge it was writing the language arts lesson plans for so many grades!  Good memories!

Speaking of memories, I spent yesterday afternoon on my 365 POTD (photo of the day) book.  I love doing this project!  I looked through my 2009 POTD book and just smiled.  It's so awesome having the small memories of life captured forever!  Here is a page I worked on yesterday for my 2010 POTD book:

Come back tomorrow for Free Template Tuesday.  I will be giving you last year's 365 POTD template for free!


  1. I love this template. And can't wait for last year. Are you gonna shaire this year's template too????

    Great page and I always love your photos!!

  2. your template from 2009 was great. but i love this one! i miss not doing project 365 this year. i'm finding that i have hardly taken any photos this year ... which is just sad. i think doing the 365 last year, really pushed me to take more pics. will be starting it up again next year.