Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back it up, Baby!

This is just a friendly reminder to take some time (TODAY) to back up your photos and scrapbooking items.  I back up my photos and scrap goods to 2 external hard drives AND I use Carbonite which backs my junk up automatically when I am not on my computer.  Why so much, you ask?  Because I would be devastated to lose my memories, my hobbies, my life.  I gladly fork over $50 per year for unlimited back up with Carbonite.  Are they foolproof?  I doubt it.  But having peace of mind knowing that I have my stuff backed up at another location is worth $50 to me!  Do yourself a favor and back up your computer. TODAY. :)
BTW, here is a blog article from a site I trust that has a little info on externals.  Here is part 2 of that article.
Happy backing up!

1 comment:

  1. good reminder. i also use two external hard drives for all my photos. but i think i've only been backing up on one recently. should take some time, and get them on the second one too.