Monday, January 3, 2011

Project 365 January Calendar & Product Release

So here we are, the third day into the New Year!  How is your Project 365 going?  Perhaps the first 2 days were a bit easy because it was the weekend!  Now that we are back into the work week, life can get a little overwhelming!   I thought you could use a few secrets to keep on the right track.

I am not able to work on my Project 365 every day in Photoshop.  OK, it's time for me to be totally honest.  On New Year's Eve I was home working on the last 6 pages of my book!  That is how far behind I got due to the craziness of the holidays!  Had I not jotted down little notes about each day, I would have been overwhelmed and stuck!

To help keep you from getting overwhelmed, I created a little January calendar that you can use to jot down notes about each day (download 8.5x11 jpeg calendar HERE expires Jan 31, 2011):

Some Project 365 people are able to take a photo each day and get the photo and journaling placed into the template each day.  I am not one of those people!  I try to take a photo each day, and when I have a moment, I work on placing them into the weekly template - that might be a weekly or bi-weekly occurrence.  Jotting down a little journaling each day reminds me of the memory that goes along with the photo I took for the day.  Perhaps the journaling was something silly the kids said or a conversation.  Little notes are great memory triggers, and they are handy to use on days when I didn't get a photo taken.  Yep, there are days that I have slipped and forgotten to take a photo too!  I simply look at my notes and try to capture a photo that goes along with the notes.

Please don't expect to be perfect on this 365 Project!  If you expect to be perfect, you will fail.  Trust me, after 2 years of doing this project, I realize that I am far from perfect...don't tell my husband I said that!

Perhaps some of you are doing Project 365 to improve your photography skills.  Earlier this year I joined Clickin Moms (click on image to go to their site):
I really enjoy the tutorials that they offer, the advice they give, and the support they have for each other. They have several affordable membership packages available.

I have added my 2009 Project 365 template to the Owl Tree Studio store:
I love this template because it can be rotated and flipped for a fresh weekly look.  The photo boxes can be re-sized to better fit your photos.   It's 20% off right now too!  Here are a few pages from my 2009 book:
This was my black and white stage...don't judge!  :)

You can see the whole book here:

Make sure and stop by tomorrow for Free Template Tuesday.  The template will coordinate with my Daily Digi blog post on asymmetrical design!

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  1. Thanks for the calendar. I use my blog as my journal. It's been great. When I have time I do my pages and everything is ready for me. I like the idea of the using a calendar too.