Friday, September 10, 2010

Can you handle two posts in one day?!

So this past Wednesday, the kids and I headed to the local zoo (Lee Richardson Zoo) to study endangered animals.  We have been studying animals/ecosystems/environments in science.  The kids got to pick what endangered animal they wanted to study.  I figured we would spend an hour or so at the zoo.  You know, look around, pick an animal, do the stupid report that mom requires, and go home.   Boy was I wrong.  Three hours later, we had searched most of the zoo for EVERY endangered animal housed at the zoo.    We looked at almost every animal, and I was tired.  Priceless learning time happens when I shut my mouth and let the kids lead the way.  Lesson learned by me too.  Anyway, here are some pics:
You talkin' to me, punk?

How you doin'?
The giraffes weren't on the list, but they were fun to photograph!

Morgan also learned how hard it is to photograph an animal who is sitting so close to a fence!  She did a great job capturing the jaguar's spots!
Hee hee!  :)