Monday, October 18, 2010

Celebrations & scrapbooking classes!

Lately I have been horrible at remembering to wish loved ones Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary! Yesterday was my brother and SIL's anniversary.  They have been married for one blissful year now!!  Happy Anniversary Erik & Erin!  Their wedding was BEAUTIFUL!  Their fall colors were stunning!
My Family :)

Today is my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday, Amanda! I was in 5th grade when she was born.  I remember the day vividly.  Dad pulled me out of science class (we were coloring the human heart) to tell me that she was born.  I came back into class and HAD to tell one of my best friends that she was born.  I got into trouble for talking in class!  Here's a pic of Amanda and me:

On another note, Morgan has signed up for a Tween scrapbooking class at Jessica Sprague (click for link)!  She is so excited!  Her first assignment is to gather her photos for her photobook that is about herself.  I overheard her talking to her friend about her scrapbooking HOMEWORK!  I just giggled.  Here is a picture of her learning to use my camera.  I was encouraging her to get down on the floor to photograph her cat.

 Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping by!  Come by tomorrow for a free template!  I am giving my 2010 Photo of the Day (POTD ) template away for free!  See you tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for the shout out on your blog, Joey! Love you!

  2. Whoohoo, I love your 2010 template. And what a great picture of Morgan. You have to show her shots over here!!