Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Template Tuesday - Free Digital Scrapbooking Template!

Happy Tuesday to you all and thanks for stopping by!  It's beginning to feel like fall in these flatlands that I call home.  I love fall colors! I love sleeping with the windows open to feel the cool breeze while snuggling under warm blankets!  I am excited to open up the fall Scentsy aromas to fill the house with yummy fall scents!

As promised yesterday, today's template is my 2010 Photo of the Day (POTD) template. A special thanks goes to Laura V and Miranda for asking for it!  :)  I LOVE this template because I can easily change it up to fit my photos and journaling, and I can use new papers/colors without creating a new design.  Keeping things simple is the key to my success in my POTD project.  Here are a few examples of this template:
I use Log Your Memory found HERE as a tool for photo/journling ideas

You can read the journaling by clicking on the photo. I found a typo & fixed the original!
There are times when I wanted to highlight a day or event with more than one photo.  This is how I documented those times:
Journaling box by Ali Edwards. Go HERE to buy
As seen in the OCT 2010 of Creating Keepsakes magazine. Copyright Creative Crafts Group. Posted with prior permission from the publisher.  To get a subscription to Creating Keepsakes Magazine go HERE

There are elements to the 2010 POTD template that I had to take out since I bought them, but I will list them out so you can grab them from the designers should you want.
HERE (link expired) is the template for this week:

Stitching Holes by Katie Pertiet found HERE
Square background by Kellie Mize (this gal has AWESOME templates!) found HERE
White Stitching around photos by Anna Aspnes found HERE

Katrina Kennedy has a great tutorial available that is full of photo ideas, resources, and encouragement that is a huge help with POTD (click HERE for link):

Katrina also has fabulous, easy to follow photography tutorials that I have used to improve my photography!  Go HERE for her photography tutorials.

If you are new to digi scrapping, you are going to need some software to get started.  Go to www.adobe.com and download the FREE 30-day trail version of Photoshop Elements.  (For a direct link, click HERE )  There are instructions all over the web as to how to get started in digital scrapbooking.  You can click HERE for instructions.  Click HERE to for instructions on how to use a template.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. Oh yeah, wow this is so great. Thank you so much for the template. This means I can continue my POD in 2011 and start it with a new template. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  2. did i beg you for that template? lol! thanks joey! appreciate your willingness to share with us :)
    and thanks for all the great links ... lots of great info!