Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Like Mother Like Daughter!

Morgan is taking her very own Digital Scrapbooking Class at Jessica Sprague's site called MyAwesome Life.  She LOVES this class!  She is learning keystrokes and Photoshop terms, along with making a book about herself!  To help her in her scrapbooking journey, this self-paced class provides her with a digital scrapbooking kit, templates, quickpages and instructional videos.  Here is one of the first pages she has completed:

She even cleaned her room so that she could complete this page! Woohoo!  I am very proud of her, but I think she is going to start interrupting my computer time!  :)


  1. Go Morgan, this page is awesome.

  2. this is adorable! great job morgan! and i love that she cleaned her room to take the photo. that's just what i do, everytime i go to take photos of my scraproom. lol!