Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Template Tuesday - Free Digital Scrapbooking Template & Design Tips!

Happy Tuesday!  Thanks for stopping by!  Here is a peek at today's free digital template:
 Click HERE for link for free template (link expires in one week)
 Here is how I used the template:
I used United Kingdom by Honey Designs at Mscraps

So let's talk for a minute as to why this design works.
1. Visual Triangle: (the small splashes of red) Placing items on my scrapbook page in a triangle allows the viewer's eyes to see the page as a whole rather than being distracted by one or two pieces on the page.  A  visual triangle can be created on a scrapbook layout using photos, embellishments, or event text such as your title, date, and journaling.
2.  White Space:   White space is the areas of a layout that is has no text or graphics.  It gives the viewer's eye a chance to rest.
3.  Symmetry:  If I were to cut this page in half, I would have the same weight on the right as the left, and the same thing on the bottom as I do the top.  While symmetrical pages are predictable, they are also very solid and comfortable
4.  Repetition:  I repeated the colors black, white, gray, and red using a variety of patterned paper and elements with various textures.  I have also repeated the squares from the brick work in the photo.  Repetition creates visual consistency in page designs.  Be careful not to overuse repetition as it can get boring quickly!
5.  Unity:  Unity creates a feeling of wholeness.  The photo and papers are spatially connected to each other because of their proximity.  This placements gives a unified look to the layout.

To read more about design principles go HERE.

If you are new to digi scrapping, you are going to need some software to get started.  Go to www.adobe.com and download the FREE 30-day trail version of Photoshop Elements.  (For a direct link, click HERE )  There are instructions all over the web as to how to get started in digital scrapbooking.  You can click HERE for instructions too.  Click HERE to for instructions on how to use a template.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


  1. Thanks Joey, I love this one, working with it soon.

  2. thanks for the template joey! love the design ... totally fits my style!