Monday, October 25, 2010

POTD (Photo of the Day)

I have to admit that doing the POTD project is a pain at times.  More than I once I have had to do some catching up on this project because life got in the way! Regardless of the mild burden POTD occasionally brings to my life, I am thankful I am doing it!  Here is last week's page:

I also work on the front cover every month.  I like to be able to have the whole book ready to print by January 1!  Here is what my front cover looks like so far.  I highlight a memory from each month with my favorite photo (there's one photo on here that I didn't take - Thanks, Mike T.!):
What is holding you back from doing a Photo of the Day project?
Thanks for stopping by!  Remember that tomorrow is Free Template Tuesday!


  1. You started me on project 365 and I am so in love I think I am gonna do it again next year. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Love your forntcover.

  2. this makes me realize, once again, that i really miss doing the photo-a-day project this year. definately making a point to do it next year.